Starting off the year with a new EP on Yanada Recordings. Two brand new tracks feature on this EP, Alumuna & Hyperion. I’m really pleased with both of them, I hope you like them too! It certainly feels like it’s been far too long since I released a track. Here’s the writeup on Yanada:

We start of 2022 here at Yanada with release number 22 from our main label Yanada Recordings. Luke Terry brings us a couple of epic trance tracks to get things kicked off this January.

Alumuna is the A-side. Meaning our home, Alumuna is splendid melodic track. An an acid line driving the track forwards until it unleashes a beautiful build section with some seriously uplifting chords and vocal chops that melt into the breakdown. A real hands in the air moment drops and a lead that comes out of nowhere but is seriously addictive. This was going to be an album track but we couldn’t hold it back any longer!

Hyperion is the flip side and is 1999 trance for 2022! An absolute conglomeration of melodies that each take their turn and really take you on a journey throughout the track. With a whole host of different aspects, this tune tells a story as it goes along. And what’s more, every single sound came out of a hardware style to make it sound as authentic as possible. We really hope you enjoy this one as much as us.