Australis for Spire




Welcome to Australis – my soundset for Reveal Sound’s Spire VST.

The soundset is made up of 64 sounds all designed for plug and play use when making modern, fresh trance music with a hint of nostalgia built in.

In this soundset there are sounds which come from my own productions which have been adapted from other synths to sound as identical as possible. Alongside these are brand new sounds making full use of Spire’s built in FX unit which is the best one I’ve used since the Novation Supernova!

All the sounds in the soundset are designed for trance music. There are a few cheeky arps/sequences to kick things off, Following these are a wide range of basses, from oldskool, to midrange powerhouses, subwoofer shaking low end sounds and back through to the ever popular psy driving basses. After these are the leads, from massive leads modelled on the Nord Lead 3 and JP8000 series through to twisting squares and overdriven new age monsters. Next up is a series of pads, from atmospheric mood setters through to powerful saws that could be used as a lead in their own right. Plucks are the next group of sounds, from guitars, to chirpy uplifting and gentle melodic sounds. And, at the very end are a small group of special sounds which can be used as an acid, a bass or a lead depending on how much you want to bring out the filter and distortion.

Please make sure your Spire is updated to the latest version to ensure the soundset loads properly!


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