Chasmata for Serum




This soundset is for Xfer Records Serum VST. In the soundset are 64 patches, which make full use of the on board effects so that you can drop them straight into your tracks with minimal external processing.

As with all my soundsets there is a mixture of new and old sounds. There are a good few sounds which are designed to replicate the very best the classic hardware synths could offer, but modernised with all the goodness Serum has to offer. Equally there are some lovely wavetable type sounds.

I will confess that when I first started using Serum it wasn’t my favourite VST. However, that has changed massively. It is now one of my software go to synths, mainly for it’s superb filters which are just about the most realistic analogue or hardware sounding that are available on the market. Not to mention the wavetable modulation which is exceptionally good.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the sounds!


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