Martian for Nord 1/2/2X




Anybody who is a bit of a synth geek knows a Nord when they see one, you can’t miss the red to be fair. And they make some pretty impressive and amazing sounds. I have been led to believe that the lead from Solar Stone’s 7 Cities was made on a Nord, as was the big swirling hook from Sublime, by Ferry Corsten & The Thrillseekers. Steve Helstrip still uses his NL2, so you can’t get much more of an endorsement than that.

The bank is made up of 40 patches. There are a good spread of chunky basses (I still pretty much use this synth exclusively for sub basses), smooth and delicate pads, crisp leads, and the dreamy plucks that this synth does best.

The soundset was designed on the 2X and there may be some function loss when importing to the 2 or 1. The demo track is all 2X sounds from this bank with a touch of external reverb and delay as the synth has no onboard effects, otherwise everything is directly is out of the synth.

The soundbank has been brought to life on the Mystery Islands Clavia Nord Lead VST Editor. Simply import the .mid into the VST after hooking it up to your synth and enjoy!


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