Nirvana for Sylenth1




For the last two decades I have been making music, with varying degrees of success. Most of that has came out of various hardware synths, however I do have a few staple VSTs that I use all the time.

Sylenth1 is usually my go to for sketching down ideas because it is so quick to make a good basic sound and idea. So, why not have some of my own quick go-to sounds to speed that up even more!

So yes, this is yet another Sylenth1 soundbank! I have done my very best to make sure each and every single one of these sounds squeezes out every last drop of performance and modulation that this VST has to offer.

In essence, this bank is 64 sounds that unlock everything that this synth has to offer for making your next trance track. We have basses, sequences, plucks, leads, pads and even a couple of white noise effects that are ready for plug & play.

The demo track (except the drums) is entirely Sylenth1 from this bank. All patches are straight out of the synth and no additional processing, save a little bit of side-chaining.

This has been made on Sylenth1 v.3.067 – please make sure your VST is updated to at least this version or it may not load


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