Sonisphere for Roland JP-8000 & JP-8080




Once again I am delighted to be able to share another soundset, this one for one of Roland’s most famous synthesiser groups, the JP-8000/8080. Having sold my JP-8000 a few years ago to save room and make way for a JP-8080, the small window of time not having the synth at my disposal felt like an eternity. Luckily I had most of my patches saved on the old WinJPLib software so I could pick up where I left off.

The JP really needs no introduction, the sound is absolutely iconic. Renowned for its massive Supersaw oscillator the other capabilities of the synthesiser can sometimes be forgotten
about. Sonisphere delivers the very best of the sounds that made it famous in the late 1990s, and a whole heap of sounds that are more than fit to be used today in 2018, with and without the Supersaw.

The bank is made up of 88 sounds in performance mode. There are a wide spectrum of basses, gritty acid and FM type sounds, gooey and lush pads, big leads, beautiful plucks and a few FX thrown in for good measure.

The soundset was designed on the JP-8080 and there may be some function loss when importing to the JP-8000, for example on sounds which use the 2nd noise oscillator and the distortion FX module. The demo track is all JP-8080 sounds from this bank with a touch of external reverb, otherwise everything is directly is out of the synth.

The soundbank has been brought to life on the Mystery Islands JP-80X0 VST Editor. Simply import the .mid into the VST after hooking it up to your synth and enjoy


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